Chapter 1

A Jealous Competition

I grab my bag, head off and walk into school there she is standing right in front of me, Lisa Browne the school bully A.K.A drama queen. When I was little, I was in their gang of course Lisa Browne was the leader. We followed her like puppy dogs copying every step she took. One day at recess I was busting to go to the toilet but nobody would take me so I told the teacher. She said go with Lisa. I quickly approached Lisa and the gang but as I went to tell her. I was so busting I peed my pants. The looks on their faces were shocking they looked as though I just ate an itchy grub. Lisa ran away screaming, “YOU PEED ON ME; I’M TELLING!” before I knew it, I was called into the principal’s office, because I was only 6, I had no idea what a principal was. His voice sounded mean and low he called my parents and told them to bring me some spare clothes so they did. I was told to get changed and wait outside. I never knew that the principal was having an important discussion with my parents until they came home and punished me. ”ELIZABETH MOORE! WHY DID YOU PEE ON LISA?”

My mouth opened wide, “I Hate you! You’re always blaming me for everything. I didn’t pee on her I swear, she’s lying!” Of course I said things I didn’t mean but come on I was six and I sure don’t hate them now they spoil me rotten but in a bad way when I say rotten it means down with the dogs type rotten. The next day when I came to my classroom, I noticed Lisa moving everyone’s desk on the opposite side of the room so my half of the room was deserted she even moved the furniture away.

“Look everyone its Elizabeth also known as the not potty-trained girl!” Giggles rippled across the room the teacher looked at Lisa and folded her arms “Apologize, NOW,” yelled Mrs Trudgemoon our teacher, looking at Lisa as if she was desperate for her words to spit out but Lisa started going madly crazy.

“ME apologize to HER - no thanks, I will apologize once her mother regrets giving birth to that thing.”

“Elizabeth,” Mrs Trudgemoon pauses, “off to the Principal with you; off you go hurry up!” I start to cry, tears rolling down my cheeks. Mrs Trudgemoon gives me three tissues.

“I figured two wouldn’t be enough” she whispered in a humorous way.

Ok that’s why Lisa hates me. All because of one stupid misunderstanding but now she treats me like I’m just a toadstool that she gets to smother her butt all over. My life is messed up at times but hey, it’s practically impossible for it to be perfect, especially when you have a family like mine. Ok here it goes: my mum was a waitress at Le Boue (famous restaurant). My dad well let’s just say he works in an underwear factory and guess what he’s the BOSS.  Finally, there’s my baby brother, Jamond. My mum had him 4 weeks ago so now he’s the main attraction of the family.

So, you see I have my work cut out for me. Back to the beginning now. Lisa Browne is standing in front of me giving me the death stare. I hate when she does it because she can do it really well. Lisa whistles and the gang come running from all different directions.

“Oh look girls Its Elizabeth I was hoping she was coming early so I could show her my hot boyfriend.” “James dear, someone wants to see you.”

Out comes James I stare in amazement. I can clearly see why she likes him. I flick my hair as he comes close to me to make myself look better. Lisa grabs James hand and pulls him away. Just before she starts walking away she places a note down my shirt. She quickly sprints off still holding James’s hand. I take the note out from under my t-shirt and start to read quickly

“Don’t take my boyfriend! If you try I’ll be sure to tell all the boys in the school that your dad designed the pair of undies youre wearing right this very moment”

I squeal in horror. The bell rings and I walk to class to see that James is sitting next to Lisa and her gang on the other side. OMG! I can’t believe it, the boys in my class are total dudes. I read the nametags of every desk that I walk pass then I spot mine I’m at the very front of the class Zach Clarke is on my right and Jake Mont is on my left. I place my books on my desk and Zach offers to help me. Jake throws me a crumpled piece of paper that says lets write notes to each other during class. I do my neatest cursive handwriting and pass the crumpled paper back. He reads it and smiles. Just as he goes to hand it back to me Mr Ryan our new teacher looks at us and raises his eyebrows. Mr Ryan orders me to stand in front of the room and read out the whole conversation. I start to blush as I read out “Do you like me?”

Everyone laughs except Mr Ryan.

“Do you call that funny?”Mr Ryan asks. Suddenly the lockdown music starts playing. Mr Ryan turns off all the lights as fast as he can and then tells us to hide under our desks. We hear this big bang next door in Mrs Luces class. Mr Ryan quickly opens the curtains to see what’s going on next door. Big Mistake. I face the back of the room so I have a good view too. Oh No. I see a big man holding a gun up to Miss Luces neck. Mr Ryan falls backwards on the ground. Oh my goodness! He’s been shot! The murderer quickly ran out of the room as fast as he could and into our class! I stand up

I start screaming at the murderer “Why did you kill our teacher?” “How would you like it if I killed you?” “I’ll kill you.”

I feel a slight pain on my arm. “OUCH!” I wake up to find Mr Ryan pinching me.

“Did you have a nice sleep?”

“Huh?””Wait, What. Your meant to be dead” I hear Lisa’s voice from the back of the room

“Oh la la Elizabeth likes the teacher!”

“I do not” I say as I try not to swear at her. The bell rings for lunch. Mr Ryan talks to me after class

“You’re a real sleeper you missed little lunch and The Talent Quest”

My jaw drops. I can’t believe I missed The Talent Quest. I bet Lisa has won.

“Is there any more time slots for the audition?” I ask

“Well the next audition starts in 1 minute.”

I power walk to the drama room. There’s a queue! The line goes on forever, by the time I make it to the front of the line they will probably think I look identical to Shrek! I finally make it second in line, then a stupid 10th grader squeezes in behind this Irish guy Ramond who is in front of me.   


“Sorry doll face, didn’t mean to cut I meant to Slice.” She snaps “Sorry I don’t talk to poor people.” There’s one thing I forgot to tell you when this story began I get fired up really easily. So when someone makes me angry I feel like a want to pull their head off with my bare hands. So now you can see what I want to do to the new girl. Suddenly her phone starts ringing, she walks about 6 metres away so no one could hear her conversation. Ramond walks in the Talent quest room and after about 3 mins he comes back out again, I quickly run inside for my audition. I see behind me a man putting up a sign I quickly glance at it and it says NO MORE PEOPLE THANKS. I turn around one more time but now I see the 10th grader kicking and screaming and punching the sign and giving me the evil eye and putting her fist up in between her big spaz moments . It is pretty scary, she looks like an ogre with anger issues. I say my believing poem I wrote for the play it goes like this:

I look back at my past and remember terror and treasury within me. Still today I may not be perfect but I’m giving it my best. Make true and lovingly promises to the one and only me, because I can reach the stars and grant my wishes, that make me feel free.

When I finished saying my poem Mr. Dublin congratulated me for showing great confidence. Then he told me unfortunately my poem didn’t make much sense and that I was too late anyway. I could tell he must have secretly loved it because he kept on saying it quietly over and over again.